Muttaburra Retreat

An intimate weekend retreat for women of the West to relax, have fun and connect, whilst in the company of like minded women.

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Event Line-up

Saturday 27 October 2018

Keynote - Julie Brown

Gems from the Journey - Coola Cozzies, Julie’s business, began as a result of the drought, a need for income and a belief in herself: the start of a new adventure. In this session, she shares some of the gems she has learnt from others that have shaped her business.

Workshop - Donna Thistlethwaite

Surviving to Thriving – Life can certainly throw some curve balls from time to time. Sometimes we can really doubt ourselves and can even feel challenged to go on. In this engaging session Donna shares her personal story of moving from darkness to light. She shares the lessons and insights that will help you to steer clear of the path she took.

Workshop - Catherine Molloy

Selling smarter - For many businesses, the owner and every team member needs to understand the basic and fundamental skills required to master the art of sales.

Workshop - Sue Lester

Ditch The Bitch: The Key to Stress Management. An entertaining discovery of what and who that voice is (and it is NOT you), where it came from, and how to change it for good.

Workshop - Sally Foley-Lewis

Unleash your personal power - A fun and interactive workshop that helps you identify your blocks to success, understand healthy boundaries, rid the imposter syndrome, and build networks and confidence in order to be a more effective and productive in your day to day. This workshop will help you unleash your power. This is no ordinary session, super heroes will be unmasked!

6.30pm - Dinner with the Dinosaur

Gourmet BBQ at a long banquet table in Dinosaur Interpretive Centre. BYO Alcohol

MC Jane Jenkins

Speaker: Trish Jenkins (Resilience:  Lessons from the Lock Up)


Sunday 28 October 2018

Keynote - Heather Mackenzie

The Dark Side of Entrepreneurship – In this keynote, we cover:

·         Statistics around mental health, especially focused on the entrepreneurial and creative communities

·         Why being an entrepreneur carries an extra risk to your mental health and what you can do about it

·         The power of vulnerability and authenticity in discussing mental health

·         Personal anecdotes from Heather’s work with founders and their mental health

Muttaburra developments

Jenni Gray – Deputy Mayor, Barcaldine Regional Council

Regional roundup

Kristine Arnold - RAPAD

Workshop - Sarah Choyce, Thrive Rural

Thriving isn’t only about green smoothie consumption - What if you live too far from town to have access to green smoothies?  Does that mean you can NEVER thrive??  No!  There is so much more to thriving than how much organic kale you have consumed in your life.

Workshop - Jane Jenkins – RAPAD/Stop Revive Thrive

STOP REVIVE THRIVE is all about giving you the tools and strategies so that you can reduce clutter in your professional and personal life and manage time more effectively in order to have more time for you.