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Our Mission:


mpowHER has been created to support, grow and promote a community of like-minded aspiring and accomplished female entrepreneurs in Outback Queensland and beyond. 

Through partnerships, friendship and inspiration, mpowHER will build a network to encourage other women to bravely step into entrepreneurship, or support emerging and established female entrepreneurs.


Why mpowHER?

Women in Outback Queensland traditionally are the mainstay of the family. Whether it is juggling family and income, providing off-farm income in times of drought or starting a new business for interest reasons, outback women are innovators and entrepreneurs.

mpowHER network will come together to support and develop this female entrepreneurial network in Outback Queensland.

Female entrepreneurs make up a small percentage in the Australian entrepreneurial space. Our outback female founders and entrepreneurs are part of the current 17% female presence, and work towards empowering other females, our communities, nation and even globally.

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mpowHER Activities

mpowHER will conduct workshops and activities across the region to promote like-minded aspiring and accomplished female entrepreneurs in Outback Queensland and beyond. Some activities will be exclusive to mpowHER members. mpowHER programs will focus on building networking, business skills and product development.

Business Bootcamp - MpowHer Muttaburra

An intimate weekend retreat for women of the West to relax, have fun and connect whilst in the company of like-minded women.

Saturday 27th & Sunday 28th October.

Co-working space

Do you find it difficult working from home - Kids under foot? Distracted by chores? Then join mpowHER and have access to our OutbackHubs co-working spaces. Current sites available: Blackall, Barcaldine, and Longreach.

Coffee & Chat

A stress free sit down with other members to casually talk through issues and solutions. Held monthly.

Cant make it in person? Join via Zoom. 


Keep an eye out for our upcoming workshops.

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Our Impact

How can mpowHER make a difference?

  • Build a network of female entrepreneurs in Outback Queensland

  • Provide support to emerging and established female entrepreneurs in Outback Queensland 

  • Provide both online and local opportunities for Outback women to connect, be inspired and learn


Interested in mpowHER?

Partnerships & inspiration

Regardless of the stage of your entrepreneurial enterprise, mpowHER has something for everyone.


Become a Member

Join the mpowHER community

being a member entitles you to priority updates and event information, discounted event pricing & exclusive members-only events.


Be a Mentor or Supporter

mentor & Support female founders

support, grow and engage with a network of like-minded and aspiring female entrepreneurs sharing their experience and expertise.


MAY 2018

Thanks to RAPAD’s MpowHER, I’ve expanded myself more than I would have thought possible in such a short amount of time. My business will blossom because of it!